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TR1 Technical Report

The main technical report to be filed with the New York City Dept. of Buildings(DOB).

On this document every type of inspection that is necessary for the completion of your project is identified. The TR1 is also where an inspection agency, such as RTC, states that it is taking responsibility for the required inspections.

More than one TR1 can be filed for a single job. For example, one inspection agency may be selected by the owner to conduct the pre-design soil inspections and testing, while another inspection agency maybe hired to conduct the concrete testing, energy inspections, etc.

RTC will complete the Technical Report as part of your order.

Rev. 12/14

We're a full service construction inspection and testing laboratory, servicing all five boroughs of New York City. The New York construction process can be enormously complicated. Simply determining what the Department of Buildings requires before it issues a building permit or a Certificate of Occupancy can be a challenging affair.

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